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Camano Island Democrats Endorse WaMend
a grassroots movement across the US to Amend the US Constitution

By unanimous acclimation, those present Feb 12 voted to endorse the WaMend campaign.

250,000 signatures are needed statewide by June in order for this to be on the November ballot as a referendum item. The vote could put Washington State on record in support of a national movement to amend the US Constitution to correct the "Citizens United" Supreme Court decision. This and other developments have opened the floodgates to huge money contributions from Super PACs and billionaire special interest contributors.

Everyone is needed to support this crucial effort! Petitions are available on the south end, in the middle and at the north end of Camano. Please get in touch if you want to sign one, or would like to become a signature gatherer yourself. Just email

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Camano Island Democrats Endorse Karla Jacks
for Island County Board of Commissioners, District 3

At the general meeting on Wednesday, January 8, 2014, the membership of the Camano Island Democrats voted by unanimous acclimation to endorse Karla Jacks as she begins her campaign to run for the Board of Commissioners position that represents Camano Island.

Karla and her husband, who works with the Fire District on Camano, have lived in the Camano community for over 20 years. They have one son in college and two more in the Stanwood-Camano school system. She is the director of the Camano Center, has an MBA, and is very aware of social issues. She is stepping down as president of the local Chamber of Commerce to run for the Commission seat.